Dark Bond™ develops quality Microsoft Windows Desktop and Tablet applications.  We're experts with Azure Cloud hosting as well as Enterprise hosting.  Part of what makes us different is the Data Model Generator™ which creates a RESTful, distributed web service that is the perfect hub of data for your apps.  Our data model grows easily as your application matures.  We can build it faster, we can build to last and we can build at the lowest prices because of our investment in the foundation.  Take the virtual tour of the features below.  Then download the desktop version or the Windows App Store version, or get them both.  Our unique architecture allows you to build both kinds of clients from a common set of libraries so you can build for the desktop today and invest in the mobile devices of tomorrow.

Take the Tour

Our Quick Tour videos will show you the features of the applications we can create for your organization and our "Under the Hood" video shows you how we do it.

Microsoft Windows Development Video

Get the Desktop App

Because we invest heavily in the View Model we can support any UI with minimal effort.  We're experts at skinning the application for your target users.  Try our traditional desktop interface is inspired by the Windows 10 File Explorer.

Microsoft Windows App Application

Get the Mobile App

Get ready for the future.  The Microsoft Modern UI interface is the new standard for Windows applications and we speak it fluently.  See how easy it is to use a full-featured application designed for mobile devices.

Microsoft Azure Developer