About Us

Established in 2010, Dark Bond™ is dedicated to delivering inexpensive, scalable, cloud-based services, lightning fast execution speed, attractive and easy to use user interfaces on desktops and mobile devices, and the highest standards of software quality.

Dark Bond™ has been around the block once or twice.  Our software and services represent a third generation architecture.  We were there for the birth of Enterprise Systems based on Windows and SQL Server.  We were one of the first to develop products based on Web Services and we believe that Cloud-based computing is the future for business applications.  We have a history of choosing the right technologies years before they're accepted as de facto standards.  Let Dark Bond™ be your guide to investing in a solution that will work today and be around many years from now.


The equity trading system that Dark Bond built for us improved the execution speed of our Maslow product by a factor of 10.  The deadlocks that were crippling our throughput during our busiest trading times were completely eliminated.

Robert Mahoney

Managing Director, TD Ameritrade